Masterpieces of Caucasian weapons.
Famous masters

The exhibition presents masterpieces of Caucasian weapons of high historical, cultural and artistic value. A number of master armourers and jewelers were awarded the title of "The Armourer of His Imperial Majesty" and got a right to place the national emblem on their products.

In the Caucasus, the quality of blades was highly valued, and the production secrets were owned by several dynasties of masters. Most famous among them are Geurk Eliarov (Eliazarov), who worked in Tiflis, Magdesy Purunsuzov (Burunsuzov), the Chechen master Chilla and his descendants, master Bazalay, and Dagestan masters Chalandar, Shahmanai.

The mastery of cold-arms and firearms finishing was also a matter of pride for its owner. In the mid-nineteenth century, the recognized specialist, the master of silversmith was Joseph (Hovsep) Papov (Popov), who received medals and awards at national and international exhibitions. He was involved in the finish of bladed weapons (daggers, longsknives), firearms (pistols, handguns), and also pieces of equipment (powder flasks).
Powder flask
Tiflis, master I. Papov. Second floor. XIX century. From the collection of A. D. Gnedovsky
Saber with scabbard
Tiflis, made by master Georg of Siarov (Eliazarov). Mid-XIX century. From the collection of A. D. Gnedovsky
Caucasian double-barreled pistol ("princely")
Dagestan, Kubachi (presumably). Mid-XIX century. From the collection of A. A. Ataev
A dagger in sheath
Chechnya. Made by master Chill. The second half of the XIX century. From the collection of A. A. Ataev
Qama dagger
The blade was made by master Shakhmanay (1873), the finish was made by master Leshchinsky (St. Petersburg), C. XIX century. From the collection of Yu. V. Makarov
Caucasian saber with scabbard
Dagestan, made by master Calendar. 1901. From the collection of V. R. Mangutov
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