The exhibition is organized by the joint efforts
of a number of private collectors and museums
The Organizing Committee:

Y.V. Makarov,
A.D. Gnedovsky,
A.A. Ataev,
V.R. Mangutov,
P.A. Slivaev,
D.A. Klochkov

The participants of the exhibition are state archives, domestic and foreign museums, private collectors.

Official partner of the exhibition:
Veles Capital investment company.

The exhibition displays items from private collections of:
1. A.A. Ataev
2. A.D. Gnedovsky
3. Y.V. Makarov
4. V.R. Mangutov
5. A.V. Kosarev
6. V.V. Grishchenko
7. K.V. Zhuromsky
8. D.K. Matlin
9. G.V. Meiserov
10. V.A. Ponsov
11. N.N. Tverdokhlebov.

The exhibition displays pieces of art and reproductions of paintings and graphics both from domestic and foreign museums and archives:

1. The Military-Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineer and Signal Corps,
St. Petersburg.
2. The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum, Moscow.
3. The State Archive of the Russian Federation, Moscow.
4. The State Historical Museum, Moscow.
5. State Art and Architecture Palace and Park Museum-Reserve
"Tsarskoye Selo", St. Petersburg.
6. Dagestan Museum of Fine Arts. n.a. P.S. Gamzatova, Makhachkala.
7. The National Museum of History of Azerbaijan, Baku.
8. The Museum of the History of Military Uniforms of the Ministry
of Defense of the Russian Federation, Moscow region, Shchelkovo.
9. The National Gallery of Armenia, Yerevan.
10. National Museum of the Republic of Dagestan.
n.a. A. Tahoe-Godi, Makhachkala.
11. Russian State Documentary Film & Photo Archive, Krasnogorsk.
12. Russian State Military Historical Archive, Moscow.
13. Stavropol State Museum-Reserve n.a. G.N. Prozritelev and
G.K. Prave, Stavropol.
14. Technical Library of the Equipment Service of the Ministry
of Defense of the Russian Federation, Moscow region, Shchelkovo.